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I jumped on the inet to look for a replacement cover and saw that the place where I purchased two covers in the past, The Cover Guy, had glowing reviews (all 5+++) on how wonderful the covers are. Well this is my experience. I attach copies of correspondences with them as well as pictures so you know it's legit. You won't find this on their website because they don't want you to know the other stories that are on this board.

As you will read, something changed and it is the manufacturer and therefore the materials and workmanship (as you will see) and I don't think that as consumers we should be required to pay for poor workmanship or materials that don't stand up to what they are marketing even though it is "under warranty" as you have to incur shipping cost to send the cover back to them for warranty.

So, as you can see I purchased the first cover, it was an extreme, as we have winters here, from The Cover Guy in 2009 (see shipping doc) . There were absolutely no issues with this cover. It was manufactured from a place called HST Synthetics. They are wholesaler of covers. This cover effectively lasted 5 years, not as long as the original cover that came with my tub (original lasted 7 years).

Figuring 5 years without any issues was good, I re-orded the replacement cover from The Cover Guy in July 2014. I emailed them the original drawings from 2009. This second cover, also an Extreme cover, came from a place in Michigan, called Prestige Spa Covers and this is where things went from good to bad. You can read the email chrono I attached, but basically, after 9 months the stitching started to come apart. It was under "warranty" so I sent it back and received a replacement cover. A couple years after this, I sent them pics on April 10, 2016 of the interior, stitching and the safety straps (first 3 pics), so this cover didn't even last 1 years after it was replaced in 2015. In addition the insulation core took on water by then and weighed in 2 years time, what it would weigh after 5 years.

There is not doubt that something changed from the first cover I bought in 2009 and the replacement cover from 2014, but after considerably back and forth, The Cover Guy would not recognize that the materials and workmanship used in the Prestige Cover were inferior to the materials and workmanship used is the HST cover and I am sure they did not do accelerated any testing of the materials before switching suppliers.

I know they have taken the position that it's covered "under warranty" however, we as consumer should not be on the hook for inferior product that does not live up to its claim. The warranty they give is only there to get you to go back to them so that they can sell you a replacement cover on a pro-rated basis, of which you can end up paying more for replacing the poor product over and over again - under warranty.

The pictures of the stitching and the inside cover without the liner and ripped liner is what the cover looks like today (last 4 pic). So that about 3 years of use now. The insulating core weighs even more now and is taking water up thru the plastic. The black liner that is ripped, tears like tissue paper. Now, I know the argument will be made that it is the chemicals attacking the liner, but truly, we all run chemicals in our hot tubs, because it is a requirement for sanitary and safety reasons. Since they are in the business, The Cover Guy should know this and select proper chemical resistant liners. Obviously, the 2009 cover from HST had proper maaterial because it did not shred as the liner in the Prestige cover. I have operated my hot tub the same way from the day I got it to today, so the chemical use is consistent, yet the original cover lasted 7 years, the HST cover lasted 5 years and this Prestige cover, well it didn't perform at all.

As you can see, I didn't want to pay "under warranty" $300 for a replacement cover as with the cost of returning it plus the cost of returning it in 2015, I would be looking at $400 in addition to the $500 I paid for the cover, for a total of $900. I didn't think it would be wise to get another replacement that would need replacing again, "under warranty", so I thought it was fair that if they wanted me to pay $300 for replacing it, they should be willing to pay me $300 for not replacing it and we go our happy ways. But as you can read in the chrono, they said they don't give refunds under warranty. In the end I think they should have recalled these covers as they are defective.

I will say that both Claire and Amanda do a wonderful job as CSR, they know what they are doing, but somehow someone there is missing the mark in how to right a wrong. You know where to send me my cheque if you are so inclined, in which I will update this post.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Cover Guy Hot Tub Cover.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $500.

The Cover Guy Pros: Ease of ordering.

The Cover Guy Cons: Quality.

  • vapour barrier
  • Poor Warranty Service
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