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BUYER BEWARE! We just took delivery (free delivery) of a 'DELUXE HOT TUB COVER' manufactured by 'THE COVER GUY'.

At $400, it is now clear to me why they can offer free delivey and still do very well on the sale!! Sure glad I didn't order the base version!!! This cover is made with a thin outer vinyl cover and the inside liner, that is supposed to protect the insulation core from the high humidy envoronment within the closed lid, is nothing but light grade woven tarp material (think cheap camping tarp from Canadian Tire). There is no way this is going to be an effective primary vapour barier.The expanded polystyrene (styrofoam) core material is much too light / cheap (i.e.

low density like packaging material you discard after buying a TV) to have any hope of long term durabillty. My previous cover lasted a full 8 years. This cover will be lucky to last one year. Workmanship is also shoddy as the inside silver tarp material is clearly visable at the hinge point on both sides of the cover.

I know THE COVER GUY web page seems to have lots of rave reviews because I read them before odering my review won't be one of them!!

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I have a cover from The Cover Guy. This cover is over 4 years old and is of great quality.

Still looks like the day I received it with minimal wear. I am very happy with my cover from The Cover Guy