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The cover was great for 3 years then the plastic coating split and put flakes all over the tub. The cover now weighs a ton to lift.

After contacting them the offered a 20% discount on a new one.

Seems to be a scam to replace the cover every 3-5 years. Don't buy, look for a more reputable co.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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If your cover is heavy and has deterioration on the underside it is most likely caused by chemical damage. Please have your water checked by your local pool / spa store before using your hot tub again.

If the underside of the cover is discolored it is likely due to chemical imbalance. It can also be caused by the care of the cover. If you are only opening one side of the cover the chemical vapors will be held inside between the water and cover. Having nowhere to go, they will break down the underside of the cover causing the flaking and the vapor barrier to deteriorate and allow water condensation to saturate the foam causing your cover to get heavy.

If you are not using your hot tub on a regular basis we also suggest opening the cover completely on a weekly basis, circulate the water for 10-15 minutes to allow excess chemical vapors.

Chemicals are a required maintenance of your hot tub water and proper balance will prevent bacteria, smell and cloudiness from occurring.

Please check your water chemistry as per your hot tub guidelines. This will help prolong the life of your cover as well.

You are stating that you were offered a 20% discount on a new cover which means that your cover is in year 5. The average life of a cover depending on care and usage is 5 to 8 years. The Cover Guy now offers a 7 year pro-rated warranty, one of the longest in the industry.

Please check out the competition and their warranty, you will find it is also pro-rated and does not cover chemical damage. The Cover Guy is proud of their customer service and quality of the product. Please contact me to discuss this further and a replacement cover.

Claire@thecoverguy.com or 866-622-6837 ext 207. Sincerely Claire The Cover Guy