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They are the worst internet company I have ever dealt with. I stated in my orderthat the fold was to be along the long(length) measurement, which was, per their website, the normal fold for a hot tub cover. When I received it they had it made with the fold on the width. ehen confronted they insisted that I ordered it that way and refused any further communication except it's your problem,sell it on ebay and buy another one. Yea right!! WD...
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Anonymous Hello WD Martin,
We are sorry to see you have written about your situation on-line and would like to explain it to the readers. We do empathize with you.
We sell over ...

I didn't like
  • Production quality and inspection
  • Crappy return policy
I got the extreme cover which now weighs a ton now since it is water logged. I did get 4 years but still feel ripped off. We have needed two people to put back on hot tub after use due tyo weight. Outside vinyl on the cover is faded and cracked at the edges and looks terrible. When I replaced the cover with my new (not from the cover guy) I took the foam apart and there was only one vapor barrier. I was under the assumption the upgrade...
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Anonymous Hello -
The Extreme cover would be the foam thickness 6"-4". Water logging is caused when the vapor barrier is compromised, improper care and chemicals from the underside...

Delivery took months.The cover was water logged in 2 months and the vinyl destroyed in 6 months. They said when I drilled into the lift plates, that I paid extra for, I voided the warrantee. After threatening legal action, they agreed to replace the foam for $130 shipping. When I insisted the vinyl is ruined, they ignored me again. I haven't had it a year yet and its completely destroyed. Will begin legal proceedings.Looking into starting a...
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Anonymous Michelle has agreed to work within the terms of the warranty. She is pleased with her outcome.
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