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This company does not warranty their products as promised. The company states that we have a 5 year warranty with no other stipulations, however, when we reported a problem after only 3 years, the company blames the buyer for poor chemical control of the hot tub with no proof of this and only offers a 40% off discount. According to other review sites online, this is an ongoing problem/complaint from this company. On their website, there is no specifications as to limitations of their warranty, leading the buyer to believe that they are receiving full coverage.

I bought an upgraded cover with all the extras for my hot tub. It is supposed to be warrantied for 5 years and we are only beginning on the 3rd year. I paid for all the upgrades because I wanted this cover to last me for a while. I called them and explained to them that the upgraded combo vapour proof barrier seal is peeling thousands of pieces daily into my hot tub and water has gotten into my cover. It is so waterlogged that it is very difficult to lift. The lady who answered said I was still on warranty and they wanted me to show proof of this, so I took a picture of the inside cover and said I needed to send it to the "warranty manager". This was the warranty manager's response- "Thank you for the pictures. The issue with the cover, plastic flaking does qualify under the pro-rated warranty. You are currently in year 3 of your warranty, which gets you a 40% discount on the original purchased price.

We can have a new cover manufactured for you which will include our new upgrades. These upgrades are a double layer plastic around the foam inserts and a full length insulated hinge.

The price for a new cover will be $257.98 + $99 shipping. Originally the cover was $429.97. Please call our office when you would like to proceed with the order 1-866-622-6837. We even upgraded to the 2 lb high density core." I spoke to another person and this is another email... "As per our phone conversation chemical damage is a physical defect not a manufacturers defect. The reason your cover is waterlogged is because the plastic is flaking and absorbing water. The plastic flaking is caused by chemical damage." "We are trying to help you with this so we can also pro-rate the shipping to $59.40 (which they only offered because I complained that their website was currently offering FREE SHIPPING). I have also attached a document for you to help care for your cover." Oh really... Chemical damage??? The last time I checked hot tubs have chemicals in it and my wife and I always checked to make sure the chemicals were right! I did my research on the cover guy and I found NUMEROUS people having the same exact problems and the emails sent out to them were verbatim!!!! My response was reasonable and fair.. this is what I sent them.. "I understand. Therefore, as per our conversation earlier, i plan to contact the bbb and i will recommend to all family and friends, as well as providing website testimonials about your company regarding your warranty policy that is NOT even stated on your website, as well as warning them against purchasing unnecessary upgrades on their spa covers that do not provide any added protection. It would be reasonable to assume that we may pay a small fee for a replacement cover .. Such as paying shipping alone, especially considering your website is offering free shipping in the month of May, however, suggesting that we would basically purchase a new cover is absurd. So, thank you for your offer, but at this time, we decline."

So basically- all the upgrades that I already purchased previously that didn't work- they are going to give me the same cover for 40 percent off which will include their new upgrades "that I already purchased" and only $99 shipping- which at the time I inquired about this warranty was free! Which now- this warrantied cover will now cost me the exact same as what I bought it for!!! STAY AWAY--- THE COVER GUY IS A CROOK!!!! I've also noticed that there is a standard, copied response to every negative review asking them to be contacted because they are concerned. I hope the company is helping these people out- because it is the right thing to do, however, it should not take this type of frustration and complaint to receive their advertised warranty!

Monetary Loss: $429.

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Hi Paul, my name is Lisa and I am the customer service manager here at The Cover Guy.

We have received your complains through Facebook, and the BBB. We will be responding to each site.

I am disappointed that you felt you had to use these means to communicate with us.

We always like to work with our customers directly to come up with fair solutions.

I have reviewed all details of your warranty claim. It has been explained to you that this is chemical damage and indeed I do agree with that. The underside of your cover has disintegrated due to sever chemical damage. This sort of chemical damage can also be harmful to your skin so first I would like to recommend that you do visit your local pool and spa store to make sure that the chemicals in your tub are kept in balance to avoid this issue with any cover in the future and more importantly protect the skin of your family.

The pro rated price our staff has provided you with is correct based on the warranty we offer.

A copy of this warranty was shipped with your cover. If you do not have a copy of this please contact me directly and I will provide a electronic copy for your records.

As I mentioned above we always like to work directly with our customers to come up with a fair solution. In addition to the offer that has already been made I have come up with another solution that I feel is fair and I trust you will be satisfied with. -------- (see email sent for pricing) I believe this is more then fair.

If you do wish to proceed with either offer please reach our office at 866 622 6837.

If there is anything else I can help you with please let me know. Regards, Lisa The Cover Guy