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DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT - I REPEAT - do not order from this company! They are scammers and liars!

We have been waiting for our cover that was supposed to be here on March 22. It is March 30th and no cover and no call backs as it where it is. They hardly ever answer their phone and when they do, it's lies, lies, lies! I have heard "it will be there tomorrow" so many times, it's ridiculous - they are scammers.

We have reported them to the Better Business Bureau and will be disputing the charge on our credit card. FIND YOUR COVER ELSEWHERE - THE COVER GUYS ARE THE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I sound angry?

Oh I'm angry! We are selling our house and the first showing is today with our old ratty hot tub cover.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Cover Guy Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

The Cover Guy Cons: Did not deliver product, Lied about delivery, Horrible customer service.

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I agree! I have a cover on order that was placed on March 5th, there was a glitch in their system which held it up to the 13th but they told me that didn't matter, the order was placed on the original date.

Now it's April 13th and still no sign of it. I have conversed several times with Katy, but still no cover and today no call back.

My credit card was billed in full on March 6. Completely unsatified.


We think we know who posted this and have reached out to them but they are not responding to our messages. Karend please check your voicemail and call me.

We recently had an issue with a Karen who contacted us for delivery delays.

The transport company had an "estimated" delivery date of March 22nd on their website. Upon our contact with them they told us it would be the next day a couple of times and this information was forwarded to our customer.

We occasionally have a cover delivery where the depot has trouble contacting the customer causing delays.

In order to serve the entire county we use several large transport companies who again broker to smaller trucking companies to service smaller towns.

We have spoken to Karen this week and she is satisfied with her cover purchased.

@The Cover Guy

I did receive my cover but your reply is an outright lie. I work from home - I am always here the delivery company did not have trouble contacting me - that is not what caused the delay.

I received your calls after the cover was delivered but I felt no need to call you back. Even though I did (finally) receive my cover that does not change the fact that your customer service is terrible. And now, here you are blaming the customer on a failed promise of delivery. It just gets better and better - quote from your reply above: "We occasionally have a cover delivery where the depot has trouble contacting the customer causing delays." I stand by my warning to consumers - STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

Had you taken a different route and not blamed me for the missed delivery my response would probably have been different. You are appalling.