Atlanta, Georgia
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I received a replacement spa cover from The Cover Guy replacing my old one from them. The old one qualified for a discount towards the new one.

When I received it, it had one strap on each side. I attempted to call their 800 number, but there was no answer. I sent them an email and they evidently had concocted a cover story to cover their error and provided my with a story by Amanda at extension 204 that stated: We decided to put them on all 4 sides to better hold the cover in place." I queried her why didn't they tell me in advance, and why does it not show spa covers on their website with the straps on all 4 sides? Her response was, "We started doing this about a year ago and haven't changed the website yet." I didn't buy it and she offered 2 hurricane straps at no charge.

Understanding that this is about the best I could hope for I accepted, however, I will not do business with them again. This entire fiasco is lame.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Cover Guy Cover.

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I received a cover guy cover as well and the straps were on each side of the cover. This works well as we have a lot of wind in our area and it keeps the cover from coming off the spa.

They were placed perfectly for our need.

I would recommend them to anyone! They are custom made covers so why not just ask to have the straps placed where you would want them!