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In 2006 we had ordered an extreme hot tub cover from the Cover Guy. We were very pleased with the product.

Only 4 years later, the stitching was falling apart. We contacted the company and they said it would be replaced at a pro-rated warranty (in other words they only took off $60) and we ordered another extreme weather cover. The new one came in and it wasn't what we had ordered. The vinyl was very lightweight, and the foam was only 3" instead of 4".

Contacted customer service and we have been given the run around. Last week they finally agreed to replace it, but get this, we have to send the one we received back first before they will start to make the new one. Asked if they were going to pay for our hydro as it will be very expensive to first, lose the heat that it is set at, and then lose a lot of heat since it would be exposed to the air. Last week, they had agreed to send the new one first, then we would have the old one shipped back on the same truck.

Now they claim that they never agreed to that. So, asked how is the hot tub suppose to not lose heat? They won't pay for our hydro for the heat loss and their suggestion was to to out and buy some plywood or buy a solar cover. That is really counter-productive to having a heated hot tub!!!

We had previously recommended this company to a co-worker and he also had nothing but problems. Will never buy from them again.

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I also tried a cover 4 yrs ago for the cover guy and it lasted maybe 2.5 yrs. Since then I have order a new cover from northernhottubcovers and there are miles of diference.

It still looks and weighs the same as the day i bought it. I would try them


Sorry to hear it. I had one theirs and it was not too good.

I could never get them on the phone.

The next one we got was from and it was way not even close. They answered their phone too.