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The main thing to understand when buying from the Cover Guy is that they are just a Middle Man. They don't make the covers, they just take your order and pass it along to the plant that will make it, and keep the difference.

The cover I ordered included and upgrade($)for a heat seal that goes between the two halves. This seal was two inches shorter on one end than the width of the cover, thus leaking heat. On cold mornings you can see a steady stream of steam escaping.

Also, after just a couple of months, water is collecting under the vapor barrier. I was offered an upgrade for that too, but declined thinking that it would have to at last as long as the original cover without it.

Bottom line is that you really have to be motivated to be without your spa for the duration of the time that the cover would be tied up in shipping- if your request for a replacement was even honored. Many reviews I had read before making my purchase, stated that too often they were given the run around. this applied to several cover replacement sites.

I look at it as if it is a roll of the dice. You may luck out and get a perfect cover, but if you don't, the money you saved by not buying from a place where you could do a face to face return is lost in inconvenience and aggravation.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Cover Guy Cover.

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I ordered my cover 1 month ago tomorrow, and included the "rush fee". To their credit, the initial cover was delivered, but it was damaged in transit so we were told to decline it.

It has now been 2 weeks and I have no update on the status, no tracking no, no expected delivery date.

The status on the web site still says "remake". If they do the right thing and contact me with an update, deliver the cover, and credit my "rush fee", I will post an update.


uhoh, naturally i'm reading these reviews after the purchase and delivery. Cover came without the cover tie down locks that attatch to the spa.

There is also what looks like a worn spot on the "heat shield". Keep in mind that is without using the cover yet because the cover lift assembly I purchased with this cover arrived in several broken pieces. Contacted company and told to provide "pictures" showing what was damaged. Never had to do that before.

Will keep you updated on progress. Five weeks to get product, one week unable to use so far.


The Cover Guy is not an American Company, When you purchase from them your credit card company will charge you a foreign transaction fee. If you have damage inside your box they will tell you tuff we want help you get it repaired or replaced.


The Cover Guy fully supports all the products we sell, and we strive to provide the best customer service that we can.

If any of our valued customers have any issues with their covers we do ask that they contact us directly and we will work with them to come to a resolution.

The average life of our covers is 5-7 years depending on upgrades and handling.

Our covers are the best in the industry because each cover's foam is sealed in plastic, not tape like many lower quality covers, and each cover has two pillows on either end of the seam to prevent heat loss. We also offer and recommend the vapour barrier and insulted hinge that help improve the covers longevity.

The vapour barrier is a thick chemical resistant plastic sealed to the foam to completely prevent the foam from absorbing any water. The insulted hinge is a full length pillow that runs the entire seam of the cover to prevent any potential heat loss from the center seam.

We make each cover based on the size, color, shape and dimensions specified by the customer.

We are a custom Hot Tub Cover provider so we always recommend that you double check your measurements.

When a cover is delivery to a customer we emphasize that they check packaging for damage before they sign. If the cover is damaged we will replace the cover within a reasonable time frame.

The Cover Guy has a long standing record of positive feedback from our many satisfied customers that are now becoming repeat customers for accessories for their covers.

The Cover Guy provides custom made covers, and even though it is rare, issues will occur. However we look at issues as a opportunity to improve upon our customer service and ensure all our customers can be added to our long list of satisfied customers.

We appreciate and welcome all feedback.

@Your Online Team

Please do not buy into the cover guys BS. After a delivery of a third cover..all damaged in shipping.

I was told each time that they would double wrap and double box the cover and that didn't happen. No tie down brackets in the box!!

I took all the pics of the damage and it's a good thing because I had to file a dispute through PayPal to get some credit back on the cover. Do yourself a your cover elsewhere and save yourself the aggravation.