Stockton, California
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I purchased a hot tub cover from The Cover Guy. It was received too big and it is not even square!!!!

They had me send pictures and every comunication was just another excuse. I ordered it 84.5" My 'upgraded' cover is 85.5 x 86.25. Horrible, horrible ......I wish I would have found this site before ordering. My favorite excuse is that "we have munufactoring allowances" Wow, another word for if it's not right too bad.

I order this March 23, 2012 and received their last excuse for why it is ok for it to be the wrong size on May 7, 2012.

They completely suck. Please don't do business with them.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Cover Guy Cover.

Monetary Loss: $494.

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The comments are NOT correct and misleading!Wow, ok let's address this one at a time. I contacted The Cover Guy numerous times....yep saved all those emails. They requested pictures, I sent pictures, alot of pictures showing the defect. Excuse after excuse why the 'variances' were ok.

The first time they were willing to do anything was AFTER I wrote here and contacted the BBB. Earlier this week when I contacted the BBB, the BBB stated that this business was not accredited. Maybe they have rejoined since.

Now lets address the fold. You would think that if you add extra inches in the center for the fold, you would take that into consideration during manufactoring. That way the OVERALL dimensions would be correct.

I ordered a 84.5 x 84.5 inch cover. I recieved a 85.5 x 86.25. NOT correct and NOT square. My old spa cover was 84" square and I added 1/2" extra as their website suggests. Because they allow the cover to be larger than ordered, I did order it 84 x 84.

Really?? Is it neccesary to go back and forth and make insinuations. All this drama is not neccesary. I will be very happy to state I have a well fitting, square cover when I actually have one.


The customer has confirmed that she needs the cover to be smaller then what she had originally submitted when she placed her order online. We will be remaking the cover for her and shipping it as soon as we can.

We are glad we were able to work with this customer and work this out for her.


We at The Cover Guy pride our selves in providing the best service we can. We do not like to see that customers feel the need to post online rather then work with us to solve issues.

The customer has advised that each half of the cover measures what she ordered, but she indicates that the seam is bigger then what she prefers. All our covers do fold in half so there is a seam in the middle to allow this folding action and to accommodate cover lifters.

We will gladly be remaking this cover for the customer but we want to make sure that she gets exactly the measurements that she needs, so we will be asking her to remeasure as we suspect she will need a cover a little smaller then what she originally ordered. We look forward to working with this customer to provide her with a great fitting cover.