Spanaway, Washington
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I ordered a product on 5 May 2015. 8 weeks later I got it.

Not 3-5 weeks later, as promised....8 weeks. The cut rate company they ship with took 7 days to transfer the parcel 40 miles (Seattle to Tacoma). The Cover Guy did not respond to my email citing transportation issues with their carrier. When I did get a response from them, they tried to tell me I ordered my cover June 5th.

I have emails and bank records stating otherwise, but surely I must be the one that screwed up, right? This is an average product from a *** company. They take forever, ship when they feel like it and don't respond to inquiries.

Buy locally. It's worth the extra 50 bucks.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Thank you for taking the time to write us and to discuss on the phone the delivery time issue you had with your order as well as your suggestions to improve communication with our customers. I want to let you know that your concerns and suggestions are valid and we are working hard to make adjustments so that the same does not happen to any other valued customers like yourself.

On this particular order we had a third party let down in our delivery.

We contract a freight broker to ship our products; due to the size of the product not all transport companies are able to provide this service at a reasonable cost. Clearly there was a let down from our freight broker and the local freight company in the area where customer lives. We have requested that your local delivery company no longer be used for our future shipments. Once the product moved, it took two days to arrive and another 4 business days for the local company to ship.

Our company does have a communication system in place where after the order is placed, the dimensions are manually verified against the given makes and models to ensure a good fit.

We also suggest upgrades for your area to improve the insulation of the cover. When this is completed your order is queued for production and an email sent. Notification is emailed when the order is sent into production and finally the shipping information is forwarded when the order is completed. We do have an employee available by phone and email to provide updates if needed in between.

Our customers can also log-in to their account order for an on-line status update. Our website clearly outlines the production delay and this is also emailed with a copy of the order when placed. It is the responsibility of the courier to move the freight in a timely manner.

Katie did suggest that we should improve our communications with customers and suggested a weekly emailing update.