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Cons: Cover took over 10 weeks to ship (and 12 weeks to arrive) even though they guarantee that it will ship in 4 weeks. I wouldn't have cared too much that it took so long, but what really upset me was the constant lying.

First off, they will not send you updates as to the status of the order. You need to constantly bug them to get any updates. I got one email saying my order was in production a few days after I placed the order (I found out later that they lie about this to keep you complacent), and then literally nothing for over 2 months until I asked them if I should have received a shipping number. I was told that it was peak hot tub season when I ordered (in the middle of June?

That's doubtful) and that it would be shipped at the end of the week. Well, 14 days later, still no update. So I send another email. Oh, we're so sorry, it'll ship at the end of this week.

Another 14 days later, still no update. So I send another email asking to cancel my order. They say no. I bring this up with my credit card company (at this point I'm concerned that I fell for a scam and they would just keep the money and never send a cover) and start going through the fraud review process.

Suddenly, I get an email a few days later saying my cover shipped! It only took an extra 6 weeks and the possibility of legal repercussions to get them to actually send a cover out. Pros: The cover I received seems to be ok quality, and it is the correct color and size. I'll update as it ages, because apparently covers from this company fall apart in about a year from the other reviews I have been reading.

Responses to my emails were quick even if they constantly lie through their teeth. You are completely at the mercy of this company if you decide to order from them. They will not process refunds or cancellations and they'll make your cover whenever they feel like it with no accountability.

Plus they have a ton of fake reviews on their website and they remove any negative ones. Is that a sign of a good company?

Product or Service Mentioned: The Cover Guy Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

The Cover Guy Cons: Lied about delivery.

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Same exact thing I'm going through with them now!! It's been 8 weeks and still counting.

Complete run around every time I email for status. I will NEVER do business with this company again!!


This is exactly what happened to us! The only difference is after 8 weeks we demanded a refund and they did issue one. Never will order from this company!


This reviewer did not identify themselves, we cannot confirm they are our customer.

We have experienced a high spring seasonal volume that went longer than usual - April through summer.

The whole industry has high sales this year. Our 3 to 4 week delivery is based on this volume. We apologizes for the unusual delay. The orders are manufactured as they are received and lined up for production.

We do not have an automated system that will update you daily, weekly with unnecessary emails that your order is in production. All inquiries should be responded within 24 hours (business).

We are pleased to read you are happy with your purchase. With proper care you cover should last 5 to 8 years, depending on usage.

All the reviews on our website are verified and satisfied buyers.

Please contact us direct if you have any questions or concerns. This web site is not monitored regularly by our company.

@The Cover Guy

So I am shopping for a new cover. I was pretty settled on using My Cover Guy.

After reading the standard response to the complaints from My Cover Guy I am disappointed. Part of running a good business is learning from and correcting your mistakes. My cover guys responses to complaints about timelines are completely preventable. For example if your factory can produce 25.000 covers a year = 2083 a month = 480 a week = 68 a day then you have the truth.

When you receive more orders than you have capacity for the tell the customer the new timeline. Based on your response "We have experienced a high spring seasonal volume that went longer than usual - April through summer." you have admitted that you know the issue exists. What you never said was that you told your customers the truth. This makes your company appear very dishonest.

Taking peoples money under false promises of stated timelines that you know are incorrect in unacceptable. That is the specific reason I am searching elsewhere for my cover. Also referring to the box that someone checks to accept the terms and conditions is BS.

It does not say clearly in there that you can knowingly lie about the timelines to deliberately deceive the customer. Glad I found this web page and got some honest feedback from real customers.