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Bought a cover 10/15/15. I paid extra for the best custom cover.

November of this year (less then 2 years of a 7 year warrenty ) noticed that my hot tub was overflowing with water and the hot tub cover was leaking. They told me to send pictures of all angles. I did. They admitted that it was a "bad cover" and said it was covered.

Here is the shocker. They sent me a Quote to replace the cover saying I used up 40% of the warrenty . I paid 474.00 for the cover and they want to charge me 344.00 for a new one. OR I can pay 488.00 for the same cover but they will put in the NEW upgraded plastic which is much better then old!

REALLY!!!!! This is a no loose situation for THE COVER GUY. Why would I spend another 344.00 with the company for the same garbage. They are a disingenuous company.

I would rather take my chances with another hot tub company then get the same results. Lastly VERY SUSPICIOUS! All of there reviews on their website (which you cannot write one) are all good.

if you look at other review s on almost all other sites they al hate the cover guy. usually one star( minimum) check it out for yourselves.

Product or Service Mentioned: The Cover Guy Hot Tub Cover.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $484.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

The Cover Guy Cons: Warenty the way they handeled the situation.

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This company is a joke ! All I see is them making excuses.

So tell us people what is covered because it seems like every complaint is not warranty. Also tell us why we should wait longer for our order because your backed up. It's not our problem that ur backed up !.

If that is the case them stop taking orders that you can not handle . Now go head let's see what you have to say about this comment.


Hello Robert,

The present warranty is pro-rated for the 7 years. Your situation was reviewed and a replacement was offered under the warranty pricing.

Other companies offer warranties from one year to 5 years and this would be similar to ours, pro-rated and covering the product not shipping.

All the details were sent with your cover back in 2015.


The Cover Guy